Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beauty breakdown: Elle STYLE360 Bebe Black F/W 2012

I love drawing reference from cult movies, historic eras and beautiful art work. Luckily for me, so does super sweet and talented Charles Benton from ever popular Bebe label.
His inspiration for this year was combination of 40s girl meet Blade Runner.

Naturally, I had to pay homage to noir girl by playing with color red.  There is nothing more beautiful then sharp, classic red lipstick!

Not to go into period make up and still preserve contemporary and fashion touch, I have played with textures and left little bit of unfinished feel to the look (not adding mascara for example, for more powdery open eyes).
Another textural play came in combination of new beautiful shade of red from Beauti Control called XOXO and placing of pure red pigment on the top of it.

I did this to create very mat, velvety mouth that, when it started to separate, created bit bloody, unexpected and little dangerous vibe of  modern Blade Runner heroine.

Their eyes were framed with Au Naturel palette from BC, more in the contouring fashion then traditional eyeshadow application. Lightest matte color from the trio was used inside waterline in their eyes, to give them very intense gaze.

I have framed their faces with BC bronzer but opted out of using color on the cheek.

It was so wonderful seeing the girls marching like confident women down the runway. They were total Betties (as I called them) with their awesome Victory rolls (great job Linh Nguyen and his team) and line stalkings.
I was especially proud to see Charles taking his bow down the runway and being celebrated for his talent and vision. Rock on girls!!

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