Monday, October 25, 2010

Urban lash by URBAN DECAY

I have died and gone to lash heaven. In front of me is symphony of textures and colors weaved in blue fun box.
Wanted to share with you guys, new lash series by Urban decay.

I do a lot of beauty shoots, so to me having amazing lashes to play with is essential and you can imagine my excitement when I got these. I love variety of length and thickness and the fact that even blue colored lashes are done with taste and wearability.
So yay for Urban Decay, off I go to bat my lashes :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tyson Beckford for Russel Simmons

I met Tyson when I was working on Bravo's Make Me a Supermodel, that was almost 2 years ago. He was charming, friendly, approachable and generous guy that everyone naturally gravitated toward.
Of all of the people I met trough that experience, he was the one that would always comment on my career updates, send emails and keep in touch. True genuine soul, free of pretense, free of "you are not cool, connected or rich enough for me to pay attention". He always had time to talk to anyone, his physical beauty certainly matches his heart.
So few months ago, he contacted me to see if I am available to do his grooming for Russel Simmons line, he is a new face of Argyleculture. How awesome!!! I am so proud of him, and I wish him to just continue to soar, I am truly a fan and so proud to be part of this experience. Go Ty Ty!!! Thank you!

Friday, October 8, 2010

New Video

So excited to include this in my blog. I presented Christopher Micaud with a story board for a beauty story called Monochrome. He loved idea so much, that besides still shoot, he did the video. He composed a spec ad for a fragrance, and this is final result. Yay!
Hope you like

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fat bellied Tigers and rambunctious baby Leopards

This is my newest editorial from Marie Claire China, it was quite a magical ride. Amber Gray, my magical fairy princess of photography, upon request of Marie Claire, created Loli/Anime world of child's play.

We had two beautiful models with us, it was fun creating doll like make up on them (blocking the brows off is pain in the butt and I do not recommend doing it if you have multiple beauty looks and time constraint...phew).
True stars of the show, however, were 3 adorable members of animal kingdom. White Bengal tiger who in between shoots slept in her crate with baby Pug puppy (they would snuggle with each other), white horse, who patiently stood while being painted into the zebra and one very loud and inquisitive baby leopard.
My favorite was sweet tiger, when her handler would lift her up, you can see her fat belly full of milk, fat and squishy...the joy!!!

Magic Mushrooms

I forgot to share with you my newest painting. It was birthday gift for my boyfriend's sister Susan, who is obsessed with Alice in Wonderland.
So to make it extra fun, I adopted Susan's little girl photos ( blond hair with bangs), and created big eyed Alice.
Since she does have naughty little brother aka, my boyfriend, I added his piercings to Cheshire cat, to represent him in the photos. I am quite fond of dragonflies and I have decided when ever I am doing original peice, I will always have dragonfly somewhere in the painting to represent me. In this case, her broach.
Body pose and graceful hands were made possible by lovely model Valeria, who was very patient and sweet to pose for me after we were done with a photo shoot!
This was my first original painting, and I am so proud and happy how it turned out. I feel that with every painting I am finding my voice more and more. I want to do series of book cover paintings, so stay tuned....

Behold my dark heart

Being not so secret gothic child, I naturally gravitate toward darker imagery, so to my delight meeting and working with people who share same aesthetic with me, I am in hog heaven.
This new editorial that just came out in Blink (we got the cover, yay) was inspired by Greek god of sleep Hypnos, hope you like it.

Here is the cover, I am still waiting for actual copy, but I was told it was printed in Gold, so tap tap....
And cherry on the top is the video behind the scenes........hope you like it guys as much as I do!
Hypnos - Behind the Scenes,  photographed by Michael David Adams from Michael David Adams on Vimeo.